Sometimes We Just Need To Laugh

Sometimes We Just Need To Laugh

This is in my heart today.

I’m getting ready to say something profound here.

As you know, the word “profound” means “deep.”

So here goes.

sometimes we just need to laugh

We can’t let the actions of some ruin our joy in the Lord and tamper with our Christian witness.

There are a lot of bad things going on in America, of course.

Additionally, there are still groups of people in this country who are trying to divide us and turn us all against each other.

I have to say that, and I’m also looking in the mirror at myself, we can’t let them steal our joy for any long length of time.

Where’s That Remote?

turn it off

There’s an adage that says: “Misery loves company.”

Sounds to me like a great reason to turn off the negative news when it gets to be too much.

In our fallen world, suffering, doubts, confusion, and the like are earthly certainties.

We can count on it.

Fortunately, these frustrations and times of sorrow are only temporary.

We can (thank the Lord) count on that.

Dear Christian, someday when we reach Heaven, our tears become a thing of the past.

And here’s an added blessing:

There’s no political infighting in Heaven.

I’m looking forward to that, aren’t you?

I love this take away from John MacArthur:

God is not a cosmic killjoy. I know some people who believe He is.


They think God runs around saying, “There’s one having fun; get him!” They believe God wants to rain on everybody’s parade.



But that isn’t so.



God made you. He knows how you operate best. And He knows what makes you happy. The happiness He gives doesn’t stop when the party’s over. It lasts because it comes from deep within. – Pastor and teacher, John MacArthur, from Grace To You.

Meanwhile …

What can we do about all this Debby Downer “news” thrown at us every day?

Don’t lose our sense of humor!

We can remember with gratitude God’s gifts to us of joy and laughter.

Those gifts are still there, tucked in our brain closets somewhere underneath all the negative breaking news.

Joy and laughter can help us deal with this crazy world we’re living in right now.

Remember what makes you smile.

For me, it’s my silly dogs and husband. (Joanna Gaines and I have the “silly husband” thing in common.)

Also for me, it’s the close friends I have, who love to laugh just as much as I do.

Why do my embarrassing moments always happen in public?

What makes you laugh?

Perhaps an embarrassing moment?

C’mon, you know you have at least one.

You can tell me, no one else will know  😉


then sings my soul

Here’s one of mine from years ago.

One evening, our church was having its annual potluck dinner, complete with a Choir Special.

By “Choir Special,” I mean our choir sang about eleven rousing songs after the dinner portion of the evening.

It was a great night. We pigged out on delicious home-cooked food, cracked up at the tables, and then it was time for all of us who were choir members to get into place up front. We had five minutes to run and use the restroom.

You know how girls are. A bunch of us ran to the restrooms. 🙂

After that, we got into place up front in our designated spots.

As we all stood there facing the crowd about ready to begin, I suddenly felt self-conscious and subtly checked the zipper to my pants. They were zipped up, yes indeedy, but the zipper broke, and my pants began to flap open.

Two words.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooooo!

It was too late; I couldn’t run or hide.

I crossed my arms over the broken zipper and held my pants up for eleven very long songs. Every other choir member was moving and swaying to the music, but I had to stand there motionless, or the crowd would have gotten more of a show than they bargained for!

That kind of thing seems to happen to me.

In public, in front of everyone.

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

God Created Joy And Laughter

I’m looking forward to “Eternal” joy and laughter.

How about you?

That will be a blessed day to come.


*John MacArthur quotation, as quoted, from Christian