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Taking A Stand For Traditional Family Values

You may have heard about the group called One Million Moms. This is a growing conservative Christian organization that helps expose some of the indecency and vulgarity in the entertainment world – whether it’s overly suggestive TV commercials, movies, or even network television shows your children might be around to see.

One Million Moms has taken a lot of criticism from some outraged bloggers. There’s also been criticism about the group from a few celebrities. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Unfortunately, controversy and stretching the limits of good taste in the entertainment world remains a big moneymaker for the media giants.

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What “Family Viewing” Hour?

child entering the room

There isn’t a “family viewing” hour anymore. I wish there was.

I believe the  “anything goes” mentality in much of the entertainment world is helping send our country in a slow spiral down the drain. As the lines become blurred as to what’s OK and not OK for children to watch, the decency debate lights up like a blazing furnace.

“Turn it off then!” says one angry blogger.

That means “angry blogger” thinks that, if you don’t like it, then the responsibility is up to YOU – the parent, the older sibling, or the babysitter – to turn off the inappropriate material when a child is in the room.

Does that always happen?


Are there alternatives to turn the station to? Frankly, “angry blogger,” that has become a lot more difficult now.

With that in mind, I’m glad there’s an organization out there like One Million Moms to keep a watchful eye on all of it. If something is inappropriate for a child to see, 1MM lets their members know about it. 1MM also provides a method for its members to contact the commercial sponsors of the program.

In a world full of “I don’t care” attitudes, I find that mission refreshing.

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To Clear Up Any Potential Confusion

First, let me say, this article is only about One Million Moms (aka 1MM). This is a specific organization which brings attention to that part of secular entertainment that is vulgar and overtly sexual in nature, and the potential harmful effects that this exposure can have on children.

As you know, there are several interest groups out there that promote various causes. It’s easy to get confused as to who’s who.

One Million Moms is NOT affiliated with any other group that may use “One Million (fill in the blank)” in their organization name.

“Creative Expression” (better definition, “marketing spin”)

family hour

Critics say parents (and others) have a choice.


They argue that adults can simply turn off the trashy stuff when kids are in the room.

That type of entertainment material doesn’t go away though. It seems to be even more in your face than ever. Remember back in April of 2013, the FCC was hearing public comments about dropping the ban on the f-word, the s-word, and “nonsexual” frontal female nudity (seriously?) on TV.

Wait, how low can they go? I really don’t want to know the answer to that one.

I believe the “it’s just creative expression” argument is irresponsible.

For anyone who wants to see nudity on their TV screens, let them head to a movie theater instead that shows those movies, or they can subscribe to a cable channel that promotes trash like that. We don’t need it on mainstream TV. 

Sorry Mr. soft-porn, program TV producer, I don’t like your style.

It will be interesting to see what the FCC decides about GN Docket No.13-86

In the meantime, we’re dealing with what’s already allowed during hours when kids are up and watching TV.

Don’t slam agendas down the throats of children!

One Million Moms

Many parents will say they don’t have the time to look up who the commercial sponsors are of these indecent shows.

Enter One Million Moms. The organization offers an option for contacting the sponsors of those trashy shows.

How did One Million Moms get started? Are their campaigns successful?

I wanted to learn more so I contacted the group’s director, Monica Cole. My interview with her follows. (Her full bio is at the end).

Monica – how long have you been with One Million Moms and why did you become involved?

Going on 5 years. I approached the American Family Association ministry (1MM is a division of AFA) in hopes to do my part in helping to make a difference. AFA Founder, Donald Wildmon, said with my passion and marketing background/degree (and he had been waiting for the right person to come along to lead 1MM,) he knew exactly where I could have an impact to better God’s Kingdom.

It was a God thing. I cared about family, decency and cleaning up the media and entertainment industry so it was a perfect fit.

protecting kids

Why should parents consider becoming involved with 1MM?

Children are being exposed and confronted with material and information that they are not mature enough to understand. That’s why we are doing what we can to limit this as much as possible.

God blessed us with children so we can teach, love, discipline, and protect them.

Having A Thick Skin Helps

Protect our children

Some people are very critical of 1MM, yet your membership continues to grow, doesn’t it?

Mama bears are always ready to protect their young. Moms have thick skin anyway, but 1MM makes it easier knowing there are others out there also taking a stand for decency.

We are in this together. There is strength in numbers. One Million Moms hopes to give children the best chance possible to live in a moral society.

Loving Guidance For A Future Generation

concerned parents

What about those who say there’s no way children can be protected from everything?

God has blessed me with a child and it’s my responsibility to guide and protect him as much as possible. It’s impossible to shield a child from everything so that’s why it’s also important to teach them right from wrong, so they can make good choices when faced with obstacles later in life.

As Christians we cannot be silent or hide our heads in the sand. We want to help our own children, but also those children whose parents are not always around. They (the children) will grow up and become adults one day who will be making decisions, good or bad. Our children also interact with others at school and even church so we must be involved because it does affect our family one way or another.

Pressing Ahead With 1MM

email campaigns

It takes a lot of courage to press ahead against media and entertainment giants. At the heart of Monica’s perseverance in the 1MM campaigns is her strong faith and trust in God. She prayerfully considers each campaign before it’s launched.

The group has won many of these battles and the offensive material was removed and/or the sponsors dropped their advertising. All of these success are listed on the One Million Moms website so that you can see for yourself.

Monica says “Companies should know where their advertising dollars are being spent. Some that are still not aware appreciate 1MM bringing it to their attention (most of the time), and a few have thanked us and told us they appreciate all that 1MM is doing.”

As a bible-believing Christian, she relies on the words in scripture to give her strength. One of her favorite verses follows. It’s from Proverbs and it’s also one of mine.

Trust That God Has A Plan In Everything

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.

from Proverbs 3:5-6, Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963, 1968,1971, 1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.

Want to get involved with 1MM?

families get involved

It doesn’t cost you anything to join. You can make your voice heard simply by signing up on the website.

Do you have to be a mom? No. The welcome mat is out for anyone who cares about our younger generation and wants to make a difference.

Educators? Pastors? Single parents? Cole says all are welcome to become a part of this growing membership.

Many Thanks To Monica Cole

Monica ColeMonica Cole is a graduate of Mississippi State University. After graduation, she worked in the corporate world for many years before being called to ministry. She describes herself as a “wife, mother, and woman of faith.”

Monica also enjoys serving as an AWANA leader at her local church. She’s a nationally recognized speaker and has spoken at several conservative and Christian events over the years. She’s also appeared on radio stations nationwide as well as appearing on televised interviews for network news and entertainment shows.

Photo used with permission from Monica Cole.

The Debate Continues

turn off the TV

I say the comment of some folks to “just turn off the TV” is a cop-out. It doesn’t always work. There are times when parents are in another room and the objectionable material comes on when young children are unsupervised. It just happens.

I know people get riled up on both sides of this issue. What I find disturbing is some of the online comments trashing traditional family groups such as One Million Moms.There are websites that have started up specifically to heap insults and mockery at this Christian group.

Oh well. Haters gonna hate. Some day they’ll realize what they’re doing is wrong, but until then we can only pray for them … just as Jesus did when he was mocked and persecuted.

Here’s An Option for Anyone Looking for Family-Friendly Movies

read a book

Children are precious, innocent, and our national treasure. I literally cringe when I hear of some of the agendas being pushed on their young minds.

Let kids be kids already!!!!!

Some of the junk I hear being talked about to young children in some of our school systems makes me sick. Ridiculous. I believe the liberal progressive education system has let our nation and our kids down. 

Not aware of this? Just search online about some of the agendas being taught in elementary schools. Or, you can read David Kupelian’s book “The Marketing of Evil”  – an eye-opening book that discusses all of this.

Anyway, if you’re looking for something safer to watch that’s an alternative to mainstream, agenda TV, there’s an option I found recently.

Please check out the  Christian Cinema website when you can and see if this service may be a good choice for you, too.

I recommend you sign up for their “quick return” or the “rent instantly ” options. With the standard rental plan, you have to wait for movies to returned back at the warehouse before you get your next one.

protect children in your home

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15