Revive Us 2016

Lord Revive Us 2016

Revive us Lord

What are you doing Tuesday night, October 18th? Hopefully, you’ve heard about the presentation showing at many local theaters called, “Revive Us 2016.”

Revive Us is a National Family Meeting of sorts. If you have any concern about some of the distressing things going on in our country and our schools, then this meeting is for you.

Revive Us 2016 is For Family

The lineup of guest speakers and music is exciting. We’ll be hearing from Eric Metaxas, Francis Chan, and Jennifer Rothschild, among others.

We Need Prayer in America

Our freedoms are disappearing while we sleep.

Over 3000+ babies are murdered every day under the guise of “choice.” I want to ask these supporters:

Who is anyone to say which person deserves life and which person does not?

Entitled America, who are we? Let’s get educated. I grieve for those babies. We all know what abortion is.

Pro-life because I am pro-love

Is my life not worth it? Is yours? If the liberal party gets its way, lives will continue to rest in the hands of an abortion doctor and an overwhelmed teenager (or adult) who actually is in need of loving church support, adoption choices, and counseling.

Please consider seeing Revive Us 2016 in your local theaters. I’ve included the trailer here as well as a link to a ticket finder for your neighborhood.


For tickets:

An encore showing of Revive Us in theaters will take place on October 24th. Don’t miss it!

America Strong

God is a God of love and He offers forgiveness to those who sincerely seek it, but He also judges the world despite what atheists want you to believe.

While abortion is a major issue in this election, it isn’t the only one.

Please don’t fall for the growing deception. Activists want to change the words of the Bible because it offends them. This is a heart issue.

Our God is Faithful and True, and no male or female political candidate can ever change that. They can make it harder for us, but God’s Word never dies.

Revive Us 2016


*Source statistic from (March 10, 2016). Author and Executive Director of Hope Resource Center, Andrew Wood. [Article:  Changing the Pro-life Narrative through Love. From


Saving Your Children From an Atheistic World

Saving Your Children From an Atheistic World

Our nation’s children are in the crosshairs. Political correctness and the destruction of family values rule the day (in big part, on television and in our public schools and universities.)

Saving your Children from an unbelieving world

It’s a very real problem, and it will catch up with us.

The “grace period” we’re living in now won’t last forever.

Some people may delude themselves into thinking “none of it affects me personally, so I don’t care.”

They are in for a wake-up call.

Do you avoid watching the news? New assaults on our freedoms occur every day.

And now, discouraging news about the internet. Our national leaders have given up control of this global network. It’s sad where this relinquishment could lead, especially in the wrong hands.

There will come a time when Christian websites will be forcibly shut down. What a sad day that will be.

The Problem With Apathy

businesses shut down

All authentic Christians will feel the effects of persecution, whether it be happening to someone we know or to ourselves.

For some Christians, their businesses will or have already been shut down. (or they could lose their jobs.)

For others, they may see their beloved church silenced because authentic Biblical teaching offends atheists.

Some churches will regrettably choose to water down the gospel, rather than preach about sin and the availability of God’s forgiveness.

In some public schools and universities, kids will be forced to reject God in the classroom.

Does anyone out there think God will put up with this nonsense forever?

Assurance That God is Always in Control

The assurance we have over evil is that Christians are never completely silenced. It’s impossible.

God’s got this.

A blessed remnant of believers will spread the good news of salvation, no matter what global leaders try to do to quash it. God’s Word will get out and many people, thank the Lord, will be saved because of it.

God’s will for humanity is unfolding before our very eyes. There is a blessed outcome to this temporary suffering. God allows the suffering, but there’s an eternal way out.

America is in a Huge Mess

Until the Rapture, believers will witness a lot of trouble in our world.

What can we do about it? Here are some options.

2016 upcoming election

– Christians must vote in the upcoming election. The build-up to this circus is something I never thought I would ever see in my life. It borders on the absurd. I was hoping for better choices. Regardless, these are the two options that we have, and God has allowed it.

I believe in the sanctity of life and my choice is for the pro-life candidate. That’s it. Liberal celebrities don’t impress me or sway my vote. I will not stay home and sit this election out. If you’re on the fence about your vote, please check out the article linked in this sentence.

Now Is Not the Time for Apathy

Apathy helps no one. That’s a big reason our country is in the state that it’s in. We need supreme court judges to protect the babies and uphold the Constitution; we need intelligent people surrounding our president, plus a Christian running mate like Mike Pence is, at least, a positive sign for me. No matter who wins, the only One who can ultimately fix any of this mess is God, when and how He decides to do it. The Bible tells us what happens in the end.

– Please actively pray for our nation. Parents should pray with their children that America will remain a Christian nation.


One example is you can add a request at the end of the “Grace” prayer you say before eating a meal.

For example:

Heavenly Father, we ask that You

will protect our nation

and our family

against evil.

Kids need to hear that (or something like it) from the mouths of the parents they love. Kids are in the spiritual battle just as much as we are. Would you send them out unprepared? Of course not.

My husband and I say grace before we eat out at a restaurant. I encourage you to do the same. It’s a small thing, but it’s a powerful witness. God’s people praying. I’m seeing people saying grace together a lot.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Child’s School

Many parents don’t realize what’s up ahead for their children in public schools. I won’t share the headlines here; it’s too disturbing and a joy killer. You can find the news yourselves if you search. These agendas include wanting to change our words, grammar, and pronouns. Pronouns like “he” and “she” offend some people.

FACT: God created us in His image. Newly born, we are precious to Him. None of us should ever be classified as an “it.”


What is happening in public schools in many states is highly offensive. It’s not just the Common Core nonsense. Maybe you’re in a state that has escaped that initiative, but there’s much more happening in schools regarding sex education that will make your head spin around.

Involving yourself in your children’s school is vital. Deprogram them from anything that is anti-God. Equip them how to answer when challenged about their faith. 

Lord, we desperately need your mercy.

Give us discerning wisdom and guide us

how to protect our children.

Helpful Resources

There are “equipping” websites that can guide you with parental resources readily available to prepare your children for the apostasy to come. If you’re actively attending a Bible-believing church, there may be resources in the church library as well.

Here are three additional options:

Do you have any other ideas on how to spare your children from an unbelieving and defiant world? Discussing these things with your spouse and/or family is important.

Our Incomparable Father

No matter what, God’s divine providence is exactly on track. The temporary setbacks to our Christian faith are only temporary and of this world.

No one knows the timing when Jesus will return. We can only watch for signs of His coming and discern the false teachers.

America needs God, not the other way around. As horrible and deceptive as a one world government will be, we have a God who loves us and promises to spare us from the worst of it at the rapture of His church.


Pray for opportunities to share your story.

God bless you.

May everything you do, glorify Him.


*Scripture verse from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.


Fearless Christianity on a College Campus

Fearless Christianity on a College Campus – Is It Possible?

Take heart friends; it is very possible.

Fearless Christianity is still alive, even in public universities.

courageous Christian studentsThe fact is, there are many courageous students willing to stand up for their faith in Christ. You probably won’t hear about them, but they are there.

I believe they deserve a lot of support. It’s not always easy for them. Sometimes they’re faced with ridicule from a non-believing friend and sometimes the taunting and intimidation takes place in a classroom in front of an atheistic professor.

A Question for Christian Parents

If they’re asked, will your college students respectfully defend their faith or, will they deny God’s existence just to take the pressure off?

David Kupelian’s bestseller, The Marketing of Evil, is a great book to add to your library. It provides numerous citations that prove the disturbing anti-God agenda that is infecting college campuses and society as a whole. No doubt, it’s getting more difficult for students to express their faith in a university setting. Anti-God school administrations and professors have permeated academia. Sometimes the assault against a student’s freedom and protection can reach disturbing levels as outlined in this Alliance Defending Freedom article. Keep reading to the end of the story and you’ll see what I mean.

Be Prepared

The liberal coercion is only going to get worse. We shouldn’t be surprised. The Bible teaches us to expect attacks on our faith. 

Have you prepared your college-bound students for these challenges? Along with dorm arrangements, clothing, and college spending money, have you taught them how to respond to an angry atheist, maybe even an authority figure, who is badgering them for their faith in God? Sadly, many churches have failed their congregations by ignoring the headlines of Christian persecution in America.

Parents, it’s most likely up to you. It’s time churches (and you) start getting prepared. The day before college orientation is a little too late. The front line of spiritual warfare includes our nation’s schools and universities – right there in the heart of free-thinking, godless humanism. I’m just not ready to believe that the battle for the hearts and minds of our nation’s youth is over yet.

Fearless Christianity and defending the faithHow can young adults respond to attacks?

If a student is facing a nonviolent verbal attack, they should always respond with honor, faith, kindness, respect, compassion for the lost, and the historical facts that prove the Word of God. If, however, someone physically harasses them – spitting, pushing, or otherwise, they should leave the area as quickly as possible and report it to the proper authorities. Their written report of the incident may become valuable later on.

The Study of Bible Prophesy is Very Rewarding

I’ve been studying Christian Apologetics for years now, and there’s still much we can all learn. Even so, the study of the Bible is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and life-confirming homework I’ve ever done in my life. It’s confounding to me how people won’t accept that what’s happening in much of our world (the growing deception) is prophesied right there in the pages of the Bible.

Is there good news? A resounding “Yes!” The good news (and what I take great comfort in) is that we know how it all ends. Believers in the saving grace of Jesus Christ will spend eternity with Him in heaven and on the new earth. Our human minds can’t even imagine the loveliness of the eternal home that Christ is preparing for us. (John 14:23-25.)

Where can you go to learn more about standing up for your faith?

Dont give up on defending your faithFor starters, there’s one helpful online resource called Stand To Reason. Several excellent Christian scholars on the site have written informative articles and created constructive podcasts to help equip your family members to defend their faith. If you click on the menu at the top of the website where it says “Explore,” you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose various topics such as Apologetics and Bio-ethics. A second helpful resource is The Poached Egg.  You can look up “categories” of topics on the right-hand page of the website.

Prayer is First and Foremost

spiritual battle in our nations schoolsWe need prayer to cover every aspect of our lives – from voting for America’s political leaders (that means a “No” to socialist candidates), to protecting our homes, and picking the right schools for our kids.

Spiritual revivals have happened in this country before, and they can happen again.

I’m holding out hope, but God’s will be done.

Should you only consider sending your child to a Christian college?

That’s certainly an option. There are excellent Christian universities for parents to choose from. Point Loma University in San Diego and Liberty University in Virginia are a couple off the top of my head. You can also search “Christian universities” on the internet and come up with a list.  But, what if parents don’t have the option to send their high school graduate to a Christian college? There is reason for concern, but all is not lost.

College christianI wanted to dig deeper. So, I reached out to a college friend of mine. Cassius is a 23-year-old junior at a public university. I wanted to find out how he keeps the faith while facing the immense pressures of college life. His answers may surprise you. I know I was encouraged to hear them.

Cassius – Do you feel that Christian students need to specifically attend a Christian college?

In my opinion, it depends on the individual. I would encourage young adult Christians to consider going to a secular university, so he/she can help make a bigger impact in the school; considering where America is heading. I was offered the opportunity to go to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but I turned it down because I wanted to make the most impact wherever the Lord called me to.

Since I started at a secular university, Jesus has used me to start prayer meetings, Bible studies, and teachings on discipleship. I have boldly shared my faith and I was even given the chance to talk in class about Christian topics that are not usually talked about. I believe that I wouldn’t have had such an impact if I was going to a Christian school. Lastly, a young Christian can look for ways to get plugged in at public universities in Christian ministries such as BSM or Paradigm.

Support from college friendsCassius makes a great point there.

Why not encourage your college freshman to get involved in a Christian ministry from the get-go and he or she will have immediate support from fellow Christians on campus.

Staunch support from home can also make a world of difference. If students run into a concerning attack on their faith, they need to have point persons they can call – their parents, a pastor or youth pastor from home, or from a Bible-believing church near their school.

The Peer Pressure in College Can Be Overwhelming at Times

Out of control parties and drinking, the lack of a curfew, the list goes on. With unrestricted freedom, comes a lot of temptations.

Cassius – What are some of the big challenges you face as a young college student?

Some of the challenges I face at a secular university is that often I get made fun of for my Christian beliefs. Beliefs such as waiting to have sex until marriage, abstaining from looking lustfully at a woman, and loving my neighbor as myself. Peer pressure is at its highest throughout the college years. Those are the times a Christian needs to cling to the Cross the most. I overcome these issues by surrounding myself with my brothers in Christ who hold me accountable. I read the Bible and try to seek the Kingdom first in all that I do. I turn away from pornography and/or the pressures of being in a relationship by keeping busy with school and the ministry that God has called me to.

Do you feel a lot of pressure to deny your faith or values?

One of the pressures I face is to know when to withdraw from my non-Christian friends and when to stay and encourage. For example, I have a friend who uses vulgar language. I often think about how I can encourage him by the way that I live so it will make him question his unbelief in the God I love and worship.

What About The Future of Fearless Christianity?

Are you worried about the future of our country or do you see a chance for a spiritual revival in America?

As a Christian, I do see our country drifting further and further away from God each day. It worries me, because eventually I’ll have to raise my kids in a wicked society that says everything that’s right is wrong and vice versa.

Am I scared of the future? No. I believe this is the time for the church to rise and fight like never before. But, before Christians can do that, we must fall on our knees. A revival starts with the person wanting to start it first. I can pray all I want, but if it’s not backed up by actions, than it’s dead. The Bible says that faith without works is dead. Also, we’re called as Christians to make disciples all across the world, why not start down the street?

Falling on our knees with fearless Christianity

Cassius – Do Christians speak up enough? 

I’ve noticed there are a lot of people willing to serve and share the love of Christ. That is amazing. However, the younger generation is not entirely the problem. If you look at the Church as a whole most Christians do not or have not shared their faith. If Christians will live boldly for Christ, an opportunity will present itself, perhaps an unbeliever questioning why Christians work so hard. Then, in that moment, the believer can share the gospel and tell the unbeliever about Jesus. 

Is there any particular Christian ministry that excites you and why?

There’s a Christian organization on campus called “Phos”. Phos is greek for “light.” Jesus says that we [Christians] are the light of the world. Being involved in this organization gets me pumped because our main purpose is to teach new and old believers how to study the Bible through observation, interpretation, and application. We challenge those who show up to go and share what they’ve been taught. One of the main things I love about Phos is that we don’t care about the numbers. Our mission is “one soul at a time,” meaning sharing the gospel until there’s no place left. Phos is all about fellowship and studying the Bible, so that all who attend may have a better understanding of who Jesus is.

When talking with people, younger than yourself, how can you encourage them to live for Christ, even under the threat of persecution or nasty comments from others?

I would just encourage younger Christians to get involved in a local church, get plugged into a community group, and constantly meditate on God’s word day and night.

Thank you Cassius!

I found his answers very encouraging, didn’t you?

I also thank God for the Christian ministries that are still on public college campuses. Their mission isn’t easy in a sometimes hostile environment, but the Bible tells us we must persevere and withstand every test.

Friends, keep looking up!


Kids Parties and Palm Readings

Kids Parties and Palm Readings go together like …

Ughhh, you read that right.

parties for kidsNever would I have believed those two activities would be thrown together if I hadn’t heard about it for myself on a recent shopping trip.

I had picked out a few things at the store and then got into the checkout line to pay for my purchases. I was standing behind a lady who was buying a bunch of pink-colored items for her young daughter’s birthday party.

Cute, right?

I thought so.

The mom was excited as she was telling the clerk about her little girl’s upcoming celebration. There would be cupcakes and ice cream.

And then this…

My ears perked up at the mention of a “palm reader.”


little girl birthday partyApparently, the mom decided to surprise the party girls with a palm reader, complete with tarot cards. She was almost gushing at her idea to get these little girls engaged in this practice so they could hear all about their “future.”

It made me sad.

I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking: Really, mom? Do the other parents know what you have planned for their daughters? Might as well include a ouija board while you’re at it.

Nothing like exposing young, impressionable children to the dark side early.

It certainly can be spiritually harmful to those impressionable young girls.

Out of all of the adorable birthday themes she could have chosen to celebrate her child’s life with, she chose palm readings and tarot cards.

An Issue For Parents to Consider

Here’s a question every parent should think about: when your child or grandchild is invited to a party, do you know what the theme is or what activities are planned?

You need to ask questions in today’s world. You can no longer assume that the other parents have sense enough to follow your Christian values of what’s acceptable or not.

If I had a young daughter and she was invited to a birthday party, you can bet I’d be finding out what the party’s theme is. If that would make me an “uncool” parent – so be it.

Parents, this is your child and you have the right to make an excuse and decline an invite if a certain type of party is not in your child’s best interests.

Isn’t it enough that this generation’s young eyes are continually being exposed to blood-sucking vampires, gratuitous sex, hookups, and violence on TV? In fact, there’s been an uptick in movies and television shows where the dark side is portrayed in a sympathetic and romantic light. Remember the Twilight Saga? Yuck. Was that a healthy relationship for kids to see? I think not. The hysteria over that series was sad to me.

The hysteria over the “50 Shades” movie was also sad to me. Do people realize that they’re setting a terrible example when they support and brag about seeing junk like that?

Pastor Charles Spurgeon

We are daughters of the King.

Why romanticize a film like that trash? Doesn’t anyone say “No” anymore? You may lose some friends over it, but it’s worth it if you can clean yours and your child’s brain of this anti-God junk.

Parental Guidance is Crucial

Teach your children to put their trust in God, not some fake cards. By the way, I saw an ad offering a lesson for people to learn how to “read” (I use that term lightly) tarot cards and earn $20 an hour at parties.

Parents, your children are looking to you for guidance. You have to take a bold and courageous stand when it involves your family. Be strong in your Biblical convictions. You have a choice of what your children are exposed to as long as they’re living in your household. Forget the social pressure of “anything goes and you have to be their friend.” Does the Bible say that? No. You are their parent!! God gave you that precious life as a gift.

The most loving thing you can do is say “No” on behalf of your child if something they could be exposed to is not appropriate. Don’t be afraid of a secular society, media bias, and political leaders who ultimately want your child to push God away.evil prowlng aroundThis is a spiritual battle. Don’t give a leg up to those who want to lie and infect young minds early. Evil in all of its forms is prowling around every day looking to devour your child, your marriage, and your family.


*Charles Spurgeon quotation, public domain and as quoted from Christian


The Stealing Of Innocence

The Stealing of Innocence

stealing of innocenceInnocence lost.

A glance at the headlines and there’s no question that our country is in a huge heap of trouble. It’s not like we didn’t know this was eventually coming to America, (Biblical prophesies always come true), it just grieves my soul to actually see it in my lifetime and know that some people still don’t think it concerns them.

Did you know there’s a primary school in Maine where the teacher is reading a book with a transgender storyline to 5 year olds?

Children, aged five.

Let that sink in. Please tell me this is just some sort of sick joke. So instead of focusing on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math skills, these innocent children are being bombarded with sexual information they have no business hearing about at this age. In at least one state, a parent can face jail time if they remove their young child from this “educational” lesson.

And this is in America.

Wake up, parents! Do you talk to your kids when they get home from school? Did you ask what they learned?

what kids are learning in schoolLeave the Children Alone

I was flipping channels recently and came across a reality show with a well-known family shouting obscenities at each other in front of their young children.

That’s considered okay? Not any kind of people I would ever want to be around.

I want to ask those celebrity parents, if you want to call them that, a question. Is the money you’re making for acting that way really worth the terrible lesson of disrespect that you’re teaching your children?

This is all just a part of the stealing of innocence of the next generation.

It’s sad how quickly some people will sell out for their 15 minutes of fame…at any cost.

protecting our childrenDevastating Statistics

Sexual trafficking is on the rise in the United States.

Young, innocent girls and boys are stolen from the homes they once knew and forced to become prostitutes. I’m sure you heard about evidence of this at the Super Bowl.

There are demonic forces behind all of it.

There’s another article out about an assistant professor at a New Jersey university who claimed pedophilia is not criminal behavior.

I have no words. Shaking my head in disbelief.

This is out of control.

Let’s not forget about the abortion holocaust, the killing of millions of babies in the womb. Some political candidates proudly hawk their pro-abortion stance, meaning they support the cold-blooded murder of millions of unborn children.

To them I say, “they’re babies, NOT a clump of cells. ”

It seems the pro-abortion supporters believe that every life is expendable, of course, except their own. They believe they have the right to deny a life story to someone else…and many people are just letting this happen without speaking out against it.

let kids be kidsI’m so disgusted with all of this it makes me break down in tears.

The new “tolerance crowd” continues to berate Christians on TV and in social media. I see it every day.

Interesting that the “tolerance crowd” will name-call and throw out obscenities right and left, but a television show that shows a family saying grace before a meal is ridiculed.

We should all be able to freely speak God’s truths in love in our free country. And yet, the attacks continue and now a very aggressive group wants the government to shut down all Christian churches.

I Cry for the Next Generation

The more Christians who cower from speaking up for God’s truth in love, the more this sinister garbage takes hold in the American landscape and it becomes closer to mainstream and/or acceptable.

I saw a promo recently for the offensive new television show, “The Royals.” I guess this show is supposed to be funny? The promo showed one of the main characters gleefully saying to another character: “Who fondled you as a child?”

If someone is laughing at that, seriously, they need to seek help.

Slipping those references into mainstream television, under the guise of humor, can eventually make people numb to it.

Some People Say, “But it doesn’t affect me.”

It will, if it hasn’t already.

For some ludicrous reason, if something is Hollywood-produced, the actors figure they can play a perverted role because they’re “just acting,” right? Follow the money with no conscience. I find it sad that there aren’t more Christian actors and producers in Hollywood.

You ask little girls what they want to be when they grow up (and I have) and many want to become reality TV stars.

What happened to becoming a doctor? A scientist? A pro-athlete? A stay at home mom?

Don’t Just Let This Happen

If you turn away from Christ, you’re opening yourself up to the mass of delusions that are continuing to seep into this world.

“Those who do not stand for something will fall for anything.”
J. Vernon McGee

The new “tolerance crowd” want to berate and bully you into shutting up for good. If you decide not to buy from a certain store because the company supports liberal causes you don’t believe in, you’re mocked and belittled for your boycott. I’ve read the nasty and vile comments directed towards good moms who simply care about their families and what their children are exposed to. Really sad that someone would take to social media just to curse out a mother protecting her children.

I applaud these moms and dads for every petition they initiate to bring about positive change in media. I used to work in media and I’ve seen a lot, but I’m aghast at what is being dished out on a daily basis in our electronic-obsessed nation.

Misinterpretations of the Verse, “Do Not Judge”

The new “tolerance crowd” like to throw out a biblical verse “Do not judge” every chance they get without even understanding what it means. Sadly, even some pastors deny the authority of Scripture and will not preach about sin and forgiveness.

They want us to leave Jesus out of it.

Interesting the double standard. We’re bombarded by harmful ideologies and yet the “tolerance crowd” demands we should not be able to express our faith, wear a cross, or share an inspirational verse from the Bible.


Simply that, NO.

We can speak out, we can sign petitions, and we can profess our faith if an opportunity presents itself.

“Do not judge” actually means do not condemn another person to hell. We are not God, but we do know His truths as outlined in Scripture.

None of us truly know what is in another person’s heart when their time comes. Only God knows. Everyone has the gift of grace and salvation through Christ Jesus. That’s why we should be able to peacefully talk about Him if an opportunity arises.

We’re All Sinners

If your child is about to touch a hot stove, you warn him or her, right?

The “tolerance crowd” will accuse you of being a bully for saying the popular “anything goes” mentality is harmful – like getting drunk, having an affair, cursing God, having multiple wives, etc. And many (not all) television shows and movies glamorize bad behavior. Unfortunately, that will never change.

Liberals will twist Scripture verses to fit their causes. I find that interesting since many claim they don’t believe in God. Or, they’ll produce viral videos to circulate about how bad and unloving Christians are. I want to ask those video producers – have you read the headlines or are you just ignoring them?

We’re not the haters we’re portrayed to be. We’re commanded to love others, even our enemies, but we’re not to condone sin and/or bad behavior. Calling out sinful behavior is not judging, but simply exposing their sin as God’s Word defines it.

“Do not judge” means do not condemn them to hell. It is not your place. Only God can judge the eternal soul.

Christians – Prepare for What’s Coming

Everything in America that we once held dear is under attack, including the institution of marriage.

AmericaYou must be prepared to peacefully give the reason for your faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus warned us in the Bible that the world would hate us because it first hated Him.

If someone calls you one of those labels the tolerant crowd likes to shame you with like:

“You’re a hater. Close-minded bigot! You’re intolerant.”

Ask them WHY they’re calling you that. What is their definition of intolerance and hate? Aren’t they doing the same thing they’re accusing you of?

Their attacks are hypocritical.

You’re standing up for God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman.

Ask them who is really being intolerant. Who is doing the hating here? We can’t live peacefully and have respectful debates. The anti-God folk want mind control and they’re starting with our nation’s children.

Respectful Discussions, But Don’t Back Down

I get frustrated with believers (and especially pastors) who back down and cower to society to blend in.

Good grief – do they know what they’re doing?

This is ultimately a battle between Good and Evil and we’re watching it played out right in front of our eyes.

whats in the heart

We Can’t Hide Our Heads In The Sand

I knew that once the Constitution and the institution of marriage were attacked, every perversion-promoting group is standing in line for their so-called rights.

And they are.

I ask you. Which group is next in line?

I know, do you?

*Please pray for our country. God is in control, but His Word tells us that judgment is coming.

*Please vote in the elections. No political candidate is perfect, but please vote for the ones who most closely represent the Judeo-Christian values our great country was founded upon.

*Please get involved in your child’s school so you can have a better grasp on what is taught. Bullying is wrong. So is bullying against Christians. There’s a double standard going on here that is deliberate. You can’t wear a cross around your neck or pray in some schools, but you can ask a member of the same sex to a prom. Is that fair? No, it’s not.

The new tolerance? It’s a double standard and many parents don’t even care. This liberal agenda has been going on in elementary, middle schools, high schools, and universities for quite some time.

I highly recommend David Kupelian’s book, “The Marketing of Evil,” if you want to read for yourself. He has a book full of research and quotes from the liberal left and the plans they have to change the very moral compass of this country. We’re living in a time where God’s standards of evil are called good, and anything good is considered evil.

The stealing of innocence

Hope and Pray

Please remember that God is in control. Don’t let this darkness steal your joy. This world is not final. As much as the sickening headlines and agendas are crammed down our throats by politicians and Hollywood producers every day, we still have a God who sits on a heavenly throne. No one can change that. We can pray for His mercy and that the eyes of the leaders of this country will be opened to the self-destructive behaviors that are celebrated and destroying families.

Please pray for a spiritual revival in our country. It can happen if we pray and God has mercy on us. It happened in Nineveh and it can happen again.

God sees absolutely everything that is going on. God is more powerful than any movement, agenda, lobby, political leader, CEO, Hollywood producer – any of them. One day, all of us will come to judgment.

Would you defend your faith in God if asked? It could come to that here and, possibly, under persecution. It is happening all around the world. Christians are dying in other countries and some folks here think it ultimately does not affect them.

This is all crossing a spiritual boundary and only God can bring us His peace and restoration.

I pray you will be strong and courageous during these dangerous times.