Unimaginable Grandeur

unimaginable grandeur

What Is Heaven Like?

Have you ever thought about it?

I have, so many times.

I can look at a beautiful photo and know that, without a doubt, Heaven is even more breathtaking than that!

The reason why is because God designed Heaven. Every intricate detail of our future home is no less than perfect.

I saw an excellent description of Heaven recently on the FaithWriters website. In his poem, “Heavenly Beauty,” Kenny Whiting describes Heaven as:

Unimaginable Grandeur

If you look up the word “Grandeur” in dictionaries, you find words like:






I love those words, don’t you?

A Description to Ponder

I just had to share Kenny’s poem, “Heavenly Beauty,” with you. I hope the message touches you as much as it does me.

We have something to look forward to – a stunningly beautiful Heavenly and eternal home!

Heavenly Beauty

by Kenny Whiting

Have you seen the beauties My God made,
the wonders of it all?
Have you heard the water’s thunderous roar,
or seen Niagara Falls?

Have you climbed the highest mountain top,
of ever scaled Pike’s Peak?
Have you noticed all the things He made,
and formed in just one week?

Have you seen the vastness of the sky,
or tried to count the stars?
Have you figured just how far apart
are Jupiter and Mars?

Have you smelled the ocean’s salty breeze,
or felt it’s gentle waves?
Have you realized just how big they are?
I know you’d be amazed!

Have you seen the grandest place on earth,
the largest things God made?
Have you felt the gentlest breeze blow by
or watched the sunshine fade?

All things we see here on this earth,
will all but only pale;
To unimaginable grandeur that
in Heaven He’ll unveil!

For the most amazing thing on earth,
but only slight reflection;
Of the blessed beauty waiting in
His Heavenly collection!


Thank you, Kenny, for your beautiful poem.

Poetry source: From FaithWriters.com, http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=186574


A Woman of Grace

Have you ever met someone you would describe as a woman of grace?

I am blessed to say, “Yes!”

This extraordinary woman was my mother-in-law, Jane.

She’s in heaven now, but my husband and I think about her a lot. I have so many fond memories of visiting my in-laws at their home in California.

Bird of Paradise flower

Whenever I see a Bird of Paradise flower, I think of those fun visits. My in-laws had several blooms planted near the front steps of their home.

Speaking of beautiful, we have a gorgeous, smiling, picture of Jane in her wedding dress featured on a wall in our home. By all standards of beauty, my mother-in-law was a knockout, but her beauty was more than skin-deep as she was also one of the kindest women I have ever met.

To me, Jane was the epitome of grace. Her strong faith spoke volumes to me as I began my faith walk so long ago.

I came across a lovely poem recently that reminded me of my mother-in-law. These meaningful words celebrate ALL women living grace, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Please enjoy.

A Woman living Grace

by Elizabeth Hexberg

May I be that ray of sunlight,
when the sky is overcast.
A petal from His Roses,
with fragrance made to last.
A hint of coming rainbows,
in the darkest Winter Storm,
and the softest pink horizon
to remind you of the Dawn.

Seeking out the wonderful,
with laughter on my face.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

A child of God.
Friend to all.
Ever Loving heart.
Live my life with courage,
My God how Great Thou Art.
Dance to every melody.
Sing to every song.
Be the one to help you know
He Loved you all along.

Someday to help you see it too,
find a safer place.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

May I be the one who never said,
‘I told you so my friend’.
May I be the one who always cared
beginning to the end.
The one who saw the good in all,
walked the extra mile.
Saw the Magic of His Plan,
and never lost her smile.

A hand to hold, when life grows old,
to finish up this race.
But most of all I pray to be,
A woman living Grace.

Source: www.faithwriters.com


Thanking God For His Many Blessings

Thanking GodI believe in thanking God every day.

It’s hard to put into words sometimes how grateful I am for His blessings in my life.

So undeserving are we all, and yet His thoughts are on us the moment we are born and throughout our whole lives.

Did you ever think you could be loved THAT much?

I wrote a poem awhile back and shared it on the FaithWriters website and wanted to share it here as well. In some small way, I hope it can express my gratitude to the One who gave us life.

Hope you enjoy and God bless!

Have You Thanked Him Yet?

His Grace brings out the sun on our cloudy days,
It blesses our lives in immeasurable ways;
Comes from His heart, sent from above,
We should never forget His expression of Love.

Grace, Precious Grace, Unmerited favor,
Salvation through Him, our Eternal Waiver;
Freely and purposely our souls to lift,
Who is man to deserve such a gift?

He sees every tear and knows what we fear,
Just ask Him to come, He will draw near;
We’re never alone, nor far from His sight,
His tenderness runs deep, we’re His delight.

No problem’s too big to bring to His throne,
In the shadow of His wings, we’re never alone;
Pure Perfect Love, Divine Sacrifice,
Praise God for His Grace that came at a price.

Impossible to measure, secure in His debt,
He forgives without prejudice;
Have you thanked Him yet?

By Gracie Jane © 2014, All rights reserved.