Uplifting Christian Videos

Uplifting Christian Videos

I want to share with you here some of the most amazing and uplifting Christian videos I’ve seen. These are videos that have touched my heart in some way.

We all need encouragement, right?

This first video comes from China. Despite the threat of persecution, these new Christ followers can hardly contain their joy over receiving their very own Bibles for the first time. How spoiled we are in America. How much we take for granted as a nation.

Reaching This Generation For Christ

Have you heard of the American Heritage Girls – the Christian scouting organization? Here’s a video featuring AHG that brought tears to my eyes. God bless these amazing young women.

This next video has blessed me many times and I’ve watched it over and over. Have you seen this one yet?

This is the “Mashup of Stars and Whales singing God’s Praises.”

The video is roughly 14 minutes long and worth every second of your busy schedule to watch it. Have you ever sung with the stars and whales?

Praise God!

Here’s another great one. This little six minute video is about Laminin. Laminin? Do you know what Laminin is? Just wait until you see. We are connected to the Cross in a very personal way. Thank God for these little reminders.

If you haven’t seen Hezekiah Walker’s video of “Every Praise” – you’re missing out. I love flash mobs. Here, you can see the delighted reactions of the passersby.

This video makes my heart sing.  🙂

To God be the Glory! He deserves our every praise.

This next song is one that we sang on Easter Sunday 2015. It’s from Chris Tomlin. He’s from Texas too  🙂

Singing in our hearts to the Lord is one of the most worshipful things we can do.

I have heard some Christians say that singing is not worship. I think they are mistaken. God wants to hear from us. Singing is how we can glorify Him. Voices coming together in songs of praise. It’s a powerful and moving way to show respect to our Father. It delights Him to hear our praises.

You don’t have to have the voice of an angel either.

He loves you.

Uplifting Christian videos