Andrew Peterson Music

A Good Surprise

Do you like surprises?

I sure do!  

When they’re good surprises, of course.

That’s why I was so thrilled to stumble across the music of Christian songwriter, Andrew Peterson.

Since I’m a huge fan of faith-based movies and music, I frequently search online to read about the latest-greatest.

Several days ago, I was checking out a popular Christian music website which gave a five-star rating to Andrew Peterson.

Five stars!

 Andrew Peterson Is He Worthy

 As you probably know, YouTube comes in handy sometimes.

It’s an easy way to “dip your toe” into a new album and decide if you want to take the plunge and buy it or not.


A five star artist is worth a look, right?


I searched Andrew Peterson and the first song that came up was the very moving, “Is He Worthy?”


Trust me, crank this one up and play it when you need a dose of blessed assurance and hope.


Doctor’s orders!

Andrew Peterson Music

“Is He Worthy” appears on Peterson’s “Resurrection Letters, Volume 1” album.

After playing it several times, I knew I had to buy it.

I’ve been listening to it ever since.

Peterson’s tender vocal stylings, complimented by a stirring piano melody and beautiful choral harmonies, completely won me over.

Still Dancing

My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary.

It seems like just yesterday we were holding hands and saying, “I do!”

Looking at all the old wedding pictures and reminiscing brought up some very happy memories for us. Memories of the challenging times came up too. Prayer and God’s grace sustained us through them all.

When I first heard the song, “Dancing Through The Minefields” – I was stunned at how beautiful it was and that the title of the song went straight to my heart.

After all these years, my husband and I are still dancing, knowing that God keeps His promises.

Andrew Peterson Tour

Would you like to see Andrew Peterson in concert?

You can find information about his tour dates here:

My hope is that these songs kindle a new longing not only in hearts, but down to our very bones and sinews—a tangible longing that we were made for this, for this coming redemption, for God dwelling with his people in a more profound way than he did even in the garden.Andrew Peterson, Christian musician and author.


*Andrew Peterson quotation, [website]. Retrieved from, n.d., para. 19.


Patience With Others

The Spiritual Battle Rages On

Is there someone in your life who denies the existence of God?

It’s sad, isn’t it?

You want so desperately to reach them, but nothing seems to get through.

They may even shut you out by using some choice words.

“Keep your God to yourself.”

Sadly, isn’t that what society as a whole is trying to do right now?

In the spiritual battle going on in this world, just below the surface, it appears the Adversary is gaining ground.

Christians here in the United States are feeling the stirrings of persecution.

It breaks my heart.

Learning To Have Patience With Others


trust in God

Are the atheists and agnostics whom we know hopeless in the eyes of God?


As long as there is breath in their bodies, there’s still time.

And their willingness to turn to Christ may not even start with you.

The Holy Spirit can use someone else in the life of a lost person.

The timing is our Sovereign God’s alone.

He gets the glory, and only He knows who will be saved.

I saw this quote from Dr. Woodrow Kroll that applies perfectly.

patience with others

Please be patient with your loved ones who are lost.

Keep praying for them.

You never know when you may get that joy-filled phone call that they’ve turned their lives to Christ.


*Quotation from Dr. Woodrow Kroll, Bible teacher and preacher, as quoted, from


Family-Friendly Movie Reviews

Hi everyone!


How can you tell if the popular movie that your child wants to go see is family-friendly?

family friendly movies


If you’ve read some of my past blog posts, then you know I have a heart for the next generation.

Sadly, your kiddos see a lot of offensive content on movie screens, television, and social media that’s enough to make anyone cringe.

As Christians, how can it not upset us? If you click that link, you may be surprised just how graphic some of the messages are. The fact that it happened in a school is even more frustrating.

A Plea To Parents

I’ve talked with parents before who said they’ve taken their kids to a movie and ended up regretting it later. The violence/sexual content took the unsuspecting parents by surprise.

Please scrutinize the type of content your kids are watching.

Recently, I came across a helpful website for parents that I wanted to share, just in case you haven’t heard about it yet.

If you’re looking for family-friendly movie reviews, then you may want to check into” The reviewers examine current movies from a Christian perspective and offer parents a heads-up about any potential issues.

More Help At Your Finger Click

Another invaluable website, this one I’ve written about before, is called

Famliy-friendly movie reviews

If it were me, I’d keep those two website links handy, both on my computer and in my phone.

You never know when a last-minute plea will come in: “Please Mom, can I go with a friend to the movies? Pleeeeez!”



In The Footsteps Of Jesus

Where Jesus Walked

Where’s the one place you’ve always wanted to go?

For me, I would love to go to Israel.

I know it would be a joy-filled trip, but also an emotional one.  

Following in His footsteps

The opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would be beyond thrilling.

For now, I can only live through the experiences of others and the incredible blessings they receive during their journey to the Holy Land.

A Trip To Remember

My desire to visit Israel ignited again recently when a dear friend told me about her son’s recent trip.

In His footsteps

This wasn’t just any vacation though.

For thirty-three-year-old David Britt Jr., his visit was much more meaningful than sightseeing and present-day immersion in Biblical history.

His “trip of a lifetime” included being baptized in the Jordan River, just as Jesus was.

Please don’t miss the significance.

It was at the age of 33 that Jesus had victory over the cross! He rose from the dead so that we, as repentant sinners, could have eternal life.

David’s baptism is a touching testament to the historical authenticity of God’s infinite grace and mercy.

Baptism in the River Jordan

Reflections Of His Light

One of the reasons I named this blog “Delight in God” is that I appreciate God’s grace in my own life. Like David, I’ve experienced both trials and joy.

When I heard that David wrote a poem about his trip, I couldn’t wait to ask permission to share it with you.

God’s Delight

Here is David’s very moving poem, “Your Delight”. It was written in Tiberias, Israel a couple of weeks ago. Many thanks to David for allowing me to publish it on my blog.

Your Delight

I was weary, and I was lost.
I knew to find salvation at any cost.

So I traveled to the holy land.
Led by the Lord’s gracious hand.

He led me to a group that
would welcome me.
Watching the light that
shined through them
proved this was the key.

They showed me the
fellowship I longed for.
And they led me through the door.

I followed willingly to seek
what I came to find.
And find I did with an
acceptance that was more
than kind.

I walked in the footsteps of
the One I serve.
Discovering a new
emotion with each gentle

I’ve felt things that only a
few will understand.
There’s something truly magical about this land.

I’ve seen great evil and
horrors untold in my life.
And the path I chose has
been filled with
unimaginable strife.

But You Oh God gave Your
only Son
For it is Your will that will
be done.

No matter how hard we
It is our love which fills Your delight.

We willingly give in to You
And Your proclamations of
love we will tell.

Make us into fishermen as
You said
So that no one is truly

But instead singing Your
eternal love.
In the land of paradise
directly above.

By David Britt Jr.  © All rights reserved. 2018.


* Photo from a private collection, courtesy of David Britt, Jr.
** Poem by Britt Jr., David. “Your Delight.” April 12th, 2018. Tiberias, Israel. Used with permission.


A Laugh A Day

A Laugh A Day

Are you feeling a little down in the dumps?

It’s okay, we all feel that way sometimes.

Allow me to bring you a smile for the day, or at least I hope I can.

I adore comedian Jeanne Robertson.

Her charming southern accent and self-effacing humor make me laugh every time.

Here’s a cute video you might enjoy.

Can you believe kids aren’t learning how to write anymore?

Here’s the former Miss North Carolina with her take on the nuttiness taking place in some of our schools.

The Escapee Bottle

funny bone

Have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you?

I sure have.

Okay, since you insist.  🙂

We were at church one morning, and I had just finished singing with the choir.

I met up with my husband who was waiting for me in the foyer. We walked down the hallway to a door where we could quietly enter the sanctuary and sit in a back pew.

After sitting down, I grabbed a water bottle out of my purse. I was very thirsty after singing.

I took a few sips and put the bottle down by my feet, or so I thought.

Cue my silent scream.

Oh nooooooooooooo!

My water bottle turned over on its side and started rolling all the way down the aisle towards the front.

The preacher was preaching, and my water bottle was rolling, all the way…down…down.

I watched it in horror, too embarrassed to stand up and walk down the aisle of shame, to retrieve my escapee bottle.

My husband tried to act like he didn’t know me.

For some reason, goofy things seem to happen to me.

Don’t Lose Hope

Fellow Christian – things get wonky sometimes.

Please don’t let all the negativity in the news or from other people consume your day.

God gave us laughter for a reason.

Remember His eternal promises and embrace His gift of laughter.

laugh a day


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