How to Pray When You Don’t Know How

How to Pray When You Don’t Think You Know How

Hi  🙂

I hope you had a fantastic New Years celebration.
We ate way too much delicious food and the word “diet” has popped back into my daily vocabulary. When did those obnoxious extra pounds creep in?

Time for that yearly diet resolution.

Have you made any resolutions?

I’ve read in various publications and in social media that many people have said they wanted to pray more, but they feel like they don’t know how. Or, they feel that their prayers aren’t eloquent enough for God.

Here’s some great news and another wonderful reason to delight in God. The Bible makes it very clear that God is not impressed with lengthy insincere ramblings.

how to pray

Fancy Prayers Fall Short

A prayer from your heart is good. It doesn’t have to be five minutes long either. And, forget English class, God doesn’t mind if you start your prayer with a preposition.  🙂

No, from the heart is a very good thing.

Have you ever thought about praying Scripture, like Jesus did?

I think praying Scripture verses is an excellent idea. Notice that I said “praying” Scripture and not just reading it.

What a great idea modeled after the Bible.


Happy New Year To you and yours!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

Happy New Year

Enjoy The Comfort of Your Own or a Friend’s Home

Do you have any fun plans this year?

We do. Avoid the crazies and we’re stayin’ home!

My husband and I are way past the “we have to go downtown and celebrate” stage. We’ve gotten much more practical as we’ve gotten older.

We cook a fabulous meal, perhaps rent a movie and ring in the new year safely in our own home. A few years of that and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t get me wrong. We love parties. It’s just, on a night as big as this, it’s safer to stay inside. There’s no missing out on any fun either. We play games and light a fire in the fireplace. Sometimes we walk outside and we can see the fireworks from a distance at the large hotel resort near our house. It’s a blast.

You know, the more friends I talk with, the more say they prefer to stay home too. A destination New Year is an intriguing idea, but I’ll pass.

If you’re venturing away from home this year for the holiday, be safe friends. Have fun and God bless!


The Man and the Birds – A Story

Have you heard the story about “The Man and The Birds?”

the man and the birdsNo worries, I’ll post it here.

Christmas seemed like a great time to share this gem from the late Paul Harvey.

Do you miss his voice as much as I do? No one could weave a story or paint a visual picture like he could – a real American treasure.

Anyway, I heard this story recited at a pre-Christmas dinner a few days ago and fell in love with it. Go cozy up by the fire and give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

Classic story, huh? The kind that pulls at your heartstrings. So much wisdom in this tale. there’s a definite lesson here.

And he sank to his knees in the snow.

The man realized that Jesus came to save us, just as the man in the story wanted to save the lost birds. The people in the world who hate Christmas or anything having to do with Jesus Christ – they’re missing so much, not only in this life but in eternity as well. Their hearts are so hardened towards God. I pray that they will be saved.

Will you pray too? Please do. I know that, before I became a Christian, people were praying for me and I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. It touches my heart deeply to feel that kind of love. It’s more special than any other kind. I plan to spend my life delighting in God for the rest of my days.

Merry Christmas

God bless you all


My Love Hate Relationship with Facebook

My Love Hate Relationship with Facebook

Is Facebook a blessing or a curse?

Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. I don’t hate anything…except sin.

That gluttony thing trips me up every time.

a piece of pumpkin pieLike on Thanksgiving.

How can I refuse another piece of that delicious pumpkin pie? It would be a sin not to eat it, right? wink wink

We don’t have to talk about how I already had a piece.

And, when I was putting it away, I snuck a little more that had fallen off into the pie plate.

Shhhhh – don’t tell. My pants fitting tighter is enough of a signal.

love hate relationship with facebookBut back to Facebook.

Facebook has been, off and on, a source of great joy for me.

It’s also been a source of concern as I, along with millions of others, get to peek into the lives of people I originally thought were rational human beings. Lol!

There can be a little too much cray-cray on display as Facebook becomes a vehicle for T.M.I in many cases.Really people, did you really mean to share that?

The Upside of Facebook for Me

Let me start with the upside of Facebook.

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve connected with one of my dearest friends from college. Looking back on some very good memories, Kim and I connected the first day of college during freshman orientation. I was a communications major and she was in dental hygiene.

You’d think our paths wouldn’t cross in the hallways because of that, but God brought us together. I ended up sitting right next to her during orientation in a sea of future dental hygienists!

She was as outgoing and friendly as I was and we became fast friends. I always had a blast when we would get together for dinners or just to talk and she was a big part of my fond college memories.

After college I was living in a different state and Kim was happily married with a full life of her own.

We lost touch. So many lost years between us, but thankfully through Facebook, we found each other again.

It was like we never lost touch. She’s a Christian as well and we share our joys, sorrows, and prayer requests with each other. It’s everything a genuine friendship should be. I appreciate her so much.

The Downside of Facebook for Me

I’ve kind of hinted at it before. I don’t want to know absolutely everything about the lives of friends I care about. I don’t want to cringe over some of the “too personal” details that sometimes seem to be shared with abandon.

Bodily functions, your kids’ pooping habits – you get the picture.

Stop, just stop.

No really, stop.

Politics on Facebook is Way Over the Top

During the political elections, people on Facebook got downright nasty. I’m all about “polite” political debate, but it has taken a new combative turn to nastiness.

Was there some kind of “call out all the trolls” announcement that turned otherwise smart people into fierce name-calling competitors? Or maybe it was “Release the Krakens.” Anyway, the foul language some of these scary people use in public is such a downer.  It’s like a name-calling version of The Hunger Games. “I’ll get you first.”

To the death!

What is wrong with you people? Go take a walk, pet your dog, and hug your kids.

Doctor’s orders.

American flagWhether you’re a Christian, a minority, or the target of someone else’s jealousy or dislike towards you, Facebook has become an all too convenient tool to vent negativity.

I’ve been blocked myself (no loss) and I have also blocked people. After the initial “hmmmmm…okay,” it’s always good to be able to move on with the cherished people in your life who are encouraging and uplifting. If it’s my wall, I control what’s on there. Anyone using foul language or expressing anti-God sentiments can go bye bye.

My Message to the Negative Nancy’s Out There

Take your negativity walking! I will pray for you.

If you, dear reader, also have negative Nancy’s or Ned’s in your life, you can pray for them, too.

God bless

May the light of God shine on you today!

Remember, He made you from nothing and knew you before you were born.
That’s how special God thinks you are.

God bless!


Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming! Greetings to You All!

We sang this song yesterday at church and I just had to share it. It’s beautiful and worth the four minutes it takes for you to watch the video below.

Talk about putting you in the Christmas spirit. The song is called “Come and Worship” by Bebo Norman. I really hope it touches you as it did me. His soft vocals and the background piano are a touching celebration of the birth of our Lord.

Christmas Is Coming And It’s Getting Busy

…The rushing here and there

…The crazy drivers out on the roads

…The crowds at the mall

…Buying more and more gifts

…Preparing lots of food for parties

Even with all of that, let’s not forget what this season is all about.

Worshiping Christ our King! Praising Him is what our lives here on earth are all about. He created us to do just that.

 Christmas is coming

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