No Other Name

Do you need some encouragement today?

No Other Name

My brothers and sisters in Christ, please take heart, because the Lord is with you wherever you go.

It may seem like He’s far away from us at times, but distance is nothing to our Matchless King!

Remember, He’s just a prayer away.

Acts 4:12 tells us,

12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”Acts 4:12, (ESV).

You Are Loved

You are loved, and you have value.

Please don’t let anyone (including the troublemakers in your life) try to tell you otherwise.

Our hearts should leap with joy knowing that life’s troubles do have an end.

Where we should get our strength is from the blessed promise of an everlasting future with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Recently, I heard a song from Tasha Cobbs-Leonard called, “The Name Of Our God.” I liked it so much I had to listen to it again.

I hope it helps brighten your day today.

God bless!


*Scripture quotation is from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®, copyright © 2016 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


Fired Up For Your Faith

There’s A Fire!

“What’s that smell?”

“Something’s burning!”

Those are not the kind of words you want to hear on New Year’s Day. (or any day for that matter).

What in the world?

Sure enough, something at our house was on fire.

You just never think it’s going to happen to you.

It was so scary.

No Time to Spare

where's there's smoke

You might think it started in the fireplace.

After all, it was freezing outside, with a wind chill of 0 degrees.


We had a fire burning in the fireplace all day.

Everything seemed fine for hours, until one of our dogs started acting up.

They always know when something’s wrong, don’t they?

He started running around like he was looking for a place to hide.

Uh oh.

Then we started to smell it too.

A bad burning smell wafted into the family room.

We both got up and frantically started looking around.

My husband went to the kitchen and opened the oven.

First place you look, right?

There was no food burning, and no flames to douse.

Where the heck was that smell coming from?

I decided to open the back door to let some fresh air in, and that’s when I saw it.

A thick cloud of black smoke hung over the whole porch, and big flames were dancing and flaring out from the grill.

I yelled, “It’s here!!!!!!”

Sure enough, I had located the source, and we needed to act fast.

My husband ran outside to fight the fire. I opened some windows inside the house to get some fresh air in, and tended to our dogs. They were absolutely terrified. I was shaking too, as I consoled them.

It took a little time, but we finally got the fire out.

“Grateful” doesn’t even describe how we felt, once the flames were doused.

I’m so thankful that no one was hurt, and also for our dog for warning us.

My husband and I said a prayer of thanks. It could have been so much worse.

Get Fired Up

Our porch fire was a close call and an important reminder that life can change in an instant.

There was no thinking about it first, or putting it off until later.

We had to act fast to get the flames out.

The whole incident got me thinking.

Do we get just as fired up about strengthening our faith? Are there areas of our faith we need to improve?

There are difficult times up ahead on the global stage, and we need to be ready.

An important goal for me is Scripture memorization.

“It Is Written” For A Reason

Why is Scripture memorization important for all of us?

Because Jesus knew and quoted Scripture. (good enough for me).

Knowing and continuing to learn about Scripture is essential to knowing God.

It saddens me when I hear that some religious leaders want to change the words of, and/or reject the Bible.

They are misleading many people and they will be held accountable for that.

We must have discernment, now more than ever.

Christians – please don’t put your Christianity on a shelf, get fired up for your faith!

fired up for faith


*Oswald Chambers quotation, public domain, and as quoted from Christian


Happy New Year 2018

Dear Friends –

I hope your holiday was filled with a sleigh-full of Christmas joy and love. (If you’re one of those folks who had a “White Christmas”, please don’t tell me, I just might get jealous.)

Christmas in Texas was happy and fun, but it flew by way too quickly.

It seemed like one minute we were putting up the tree and getting together with friends, and then the next, it was Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2017

Alas, we had no snow, but it was sweater-wearing, wear-your-hat, cold.


We hunkered down, played games, and lit a cozy fire in the fireplace.

We didn’t roast any chestnuts, though. (Does anybody really roast chestnuts, or have we been duped by that song all these years?)

Christmas movies took over our TV.

I’m not sure how it happened. They just took over, like they do every year. (wink, wink).

Feel free to call me a Hallmark Channel addict. I can always figure out the romantic endings before they happen, but who cares? (as long as the guy gets the girl)!

Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year                 

Can you believe 2018 is here?

A New Year can bring with it exciting opportunities.

We’re already working on our list of “things to do,” which by the way, includes several more trips to the gym.

Darn all that Christmas food. No one can eat just one.

Christmas goodies

How about you? Do your New Year’s resolutions include losing some Christmas pounds?

Or maybe pursuing a new job?

Planning for a new baby?

Considering a fun vacation?

There’s so much to look forward to and yet, along with the good times, no doubt, the year 2018 will also have its share of challenges.

Challenges Will Come

Challenges are a guarantee. (Sorry about that, but the Bible tells us so.)

Please allow me to help.

Here’s my number one, please-pass-it-on, don’t-forget-it method to help you face the New Year with more confidence.

Trust God.

That’s it.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. Keep praying for His guidance.

Trust God.

Two words packed with meaning. (It’s in big print, because it’s so important.)

He knows what He’s doing. (also important).

I know, I know, as humans we sometimes think we can do things better and faster.

Father, forgive us when we try to get ahead of You.

There’s a big difference between asking God “why?”, and blaming God.

Corrie Ten Boom, a Holocaust survivor, knows a lot about suffering in life and yet, with great humility, she yields her trust to God.

Corrie Ten Boom

Wisdom From Proverbs

We may not like some of the challenges to come.

It’s human nature to want them all to be over with. (like, yesterday).

I get it.

We should trust Him, even when we don’t understand, and our hearts are downcast.

Going forward, we’d do well to commit Proverbs 3:5-6 to heart.

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
    and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6, (ESV).

When you look in the mirror each morning, remember that you are loved.

Bumps and bruises will come as you learn life lessons in patience and perseverance.

Please don’t lose heart.

In a topsy-turvy world where words like “Compassion” and “Grace” are sometimes lacking, as Christians, we know the living God Who created those very words in the first place.

Trust Him, and He will lead.

Happy New Year 2018, and thank you for stopping by!

Happy New Year


*Scripture quotation is from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®, copyright © 2016 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

**Corrie Ten Boom quotation, as quoted from Christian


The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas 2017

Are we so busy this time of year that we lose the true meaning of Christmas?

So much to do!

Remember the adorable “A Charlie Brown Christmas” special on TV?

There comes a time in the program where a frustrated Charlie Brown asks, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

Even a simple drive to the grocery store becomes a nightmare, dodging the extra traffic heading to the stores and shopping malls.

People rushing here, rushing there, all around and everywhere.

In our house this year, it finally came to a point where we had to say, “we’ve got to slow this down!”

If we’re all not careful, we can lose sight of the real reason we’re celebrating.

The Glorious Birth Announcement

Christ our Savior is born!

Celebrating just once a year?

No thanks!

The meaning of Christmas

It is my prayer that we can all take to heart the true meaning of Christ’s birth.

How beautiful and humanly-incomprehensible the depth of God’s love for us that He would send us His Son.

To you, and to me.

A precious gift none of us deserve.

And there is nothing, and no one here on earth, who can take that away from us.

The Meaning of Christmas

gift that never fades

The gifts we receive at Christmas from loved ones are appreciated, no doubt.

But there’s one Gift that never fades, never gets lost in a closet, is never the wrong size, and can never be replaced.

Jesus Christ came from the Father and there’s no greater gift than His Son.

Merry Christmas to all and God bless you!


* American clergyman, Roy L. Smith, quotation courtesy of


Children And Christmas

What is it about children and Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve already stocked up on Kleenex.

No, I don’t have a cold, thank goodness.

But, there’s something about children and Christmas, together, that brings on my tears lickety-split.

These are tears of joy, mind you – the welcome kind!

Does that ever happen to you?

Perhaps it’s a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel that gets you going.

Or, you’re watching your little darlings laughing and sneaking around under the tree, shaking presents to see if they can guess what’s inside.

Christmas and children

Whether it’s a movie, a song, or even a touching commercial – when there are adorable children involved, well just go ahead and open up the floodgates!!

Add a family dog and a returning soldier to the mix, well, it’s going to be a gully washer.

It may sound odd, but happy tears are a blessing.

When the tears start falling, my husband chuckles, and comes into the room with a big smile and says, “You crying, honey?”

That just makes it worse.

I answer with a weak “Nooooo!” (between tears, of course)

Tears and laughter, another reason I love Christmas!

A Little Angel With A Big Heart

What is it about kids and Christmas?

Perhaps it’s their wide-eyed wonder as they grasp the true meaning of the celebration.

The baby Jesus

Or their sweet innocence as they say “Happy birthday, Jesus!” when walking past a nativity scene.

Okay, don’t get mad at me, but I have to share the following video with you.

I’m warning you about needing Kleenex ahead of time because I care about your mascara running.

Have you heard of little Miss Claire?

When I looked up the word “adorable” in the dictionary, her picture was next to it. Not really, but it should be.

She will steal your heart, that’s for sure.

Here she is singing the treasured Christmas carol, “Silent Night.”

Isn’t Claire adorable?

I’ve seen her interviewed and this little gal has a big heart. She loves to spread joy to others.

Baby Jesus

Jesus Christ, our Savior was once baby Jesus.

Can you imagine?

Precious baby boy

Helpless, and innocent

Crying at times for His parents to hold Him

Smiling back at Joseph and Mary as they lovingly gazed upon His sweet face.

What a picture that must have been.

This child would grow up to become our Savior, and He’s coming back someday for His people.

The world will take notice.

Are you ready?

Have you gone beyond just saying you believe, to living your life for Him?

The problems we face in this life are hard, but we must take time to pray, repent, and rejoice!

We have a risen Savior!

As Christians, we know that one day, those nagging problems we face, will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

Try blinking your eyes right now.

Christ’s return will be quicker than that!


*John MacArthur quotation, public domain and as quoted from Christian

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