Children And Christmas

What is it about children and Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’ve already stocked up on Kleenex.

No, I don’t have a cold, thank goodness.

But, there’s something about children and Christmas, together, that brings on my tears lickety-split.

These are tears of joy, mind you – the welcome kind!

Does that ever happen to you?

Perhaps it’s a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel that gets you going.

Or, you’re watching your little darlings laughing and sneaking around under the tree, shaking presents to see if they can guess what’s inside.

Christmas and children

Whether it’s a movie, a song, or even a touching commercial – when there are adorable children involved, well just go ahead and open up the floodgates!!

Add a family dog and a returning soldier to the mix, well, it’s going to be a gully washer.

It may sound odd, but happy tears are a blessing.

When the tears start falling, my husband chuckles, and comes into the room with a big smile and says, “You crying, honey?”

That just makes it worse.

I answer with a weak “Nooooo!” (between tears, of course)

Tears and laughter, another reason I love Christmas!

A Little Angel With A Big Heart

What is it about kids and Christmas?

Perhaps it’s their wide-eyed wonder as they grasp the true meaning of the celebration.

The baby Jesus

Or their sweet innocence as they say “Happy birthday, Jesus!” when walking past a nativity scene.

Okay, don’t get mad at me, but I have to share the following video with you.

I’m warning you about needing Kleenex ahead of time because I care about your mascara running.

Have you heard of little Miss Claire?

When I looked up the word “adorable” in the dictionary, her picture was next to it. Not really, but it should be.

She will steal your heart, that’s for sure.

Here she is singing the treasured Christmas carol, “Silent Night.”

Isn’t Claire adorable?

I’ve seen her interviewed and this little gal has a big heart. She loves to spread joy to others.

Baby Jesus

Jesus Christ, our Savior was once baby Jesus.

Can you imagine?

Precious baby boy

Helpless, and innocent

Crying at times for His parents to hold Him

Smiling back at Joseph and Mary as they lovingly gazed upon His sweet face.

What a picture that must have been.

This child would grow up to become our Savior, and He’s coming back someday for His people.

The world will take notice.

Are you ready?

Have you gone beyond just saying you believe, to living your life for Him?

The problems we face in this life are hard, but we must take time to pray, repent, and rejoice!

We have a risen Savior!

As Christians, we know that one day, those nagging problems we face, will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

Try blinking your eyes right now.

Christ’s return will be quicker than that!


*John MacArthur quotation, public domain and as quoted from Christian