Alternative News Network

Is There An Alternative News Network to the Mainstream Media?

Do you remember the days when you could turn on your television, adjust the rabbit ears, and watch an innocent family TV show like “The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet?”

Mainstream Media Bias

Aww, the good old days.

Wait – how old am I?  🙂

Do you remember the days when you could watch the news and listen to a reporter offering both sides of a story?

That was a long time ago. There’s not as much objectivity anymore.

Things are so backward now that I’m continuously on a search for alternatives to mainstream media bias.

One source I’ve mentioned before is a website I’m happy to share again called “One News Now.”

American Family News runs this website. The website features top headlines so you won’t miss out on the news of the day. You can also look at the “categories” section of the website, and scroll through a menu offering current news about Science, Education, and Pro-Life issues to name a few.

Alternative News Network

Which Channel Carries One America News Network?

Another source for news is the “One America News Network” or OANN.

OANN has a website and a news channel.

We always watch their channel for the news first.

Here’s how to find their station in your neck of the woods:

I was surprised and happy to see that One America News Network airs also in New York and California.

Is There Any Good News?

You’d better believe it!

There’s no bullying or name-calling in Heaven. There’s no one talking behind your back, lying to you, disappointing you, disowning you, ignoring you or spreading false rumors.

In Heaven, there’s no disrespect towards God or our faith.

In the presence of our Savior, bad news, tragic events, politics, disease, and loneliness won’t even exist!

Only God could create such a perfect paradise, and yours and my trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior is the only way to get there for eternity.