A Whole Lot of Shakin’

Have You Ever Been in an Earthquake? Dont be afraid

I used to think that question is only for people from California.

But, early one Saturday morning, I got quite the surprise here in Texas.

I remember it well.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t sleep in. So as not to wake anyone, I quietly got up and tiptoed to the office.

The strangest thing happened while I was searching online.

The tassel on an overhead lamp started swaying.


Next thing you know, it felt like a fast-moving wave went under my feet. I felt my chair move from side to side.

My thoughts ran wild. Something had run amok underground.

shaking going on

Recently, my husband and I had watched the monster movie, “Tremors.”

Who knows?

Maybe, an enormous snake-like creature was moving under our house, and Kevin Bacon would come walking in any minute.

I got up and looked around the house and then out the window.


Not even Kevin Bacon.

What Just Happened?

Several minutes later, people from all over the internet were awake. Social media erupted with the news. People were talking about the big shaking in Oklahoma.

The 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled nerves, from the Dakotas all the way down to Texas and parts east and west.

I was glad to know it wasn’t a huge snake-like creature after all.

A few dramatic moments in time made a huge impact.

Newscasters rushed to report the story. Families and friends of those living in the affected areas hurried to check on their loved ones.

Keep Looking Up

Sometime in the future Jesus will come back.

No one knows when.

Jesus will come back

Across the entire world, every single living person will feel the impact of His return.

This monumental event and what comes afterwards will be bigger than an earthquake, tsunami, or anything that we could possibly imagine.


It’s good news for authentic Christians. There’s no need to be afraid.

God’s will for the world is nothing short of spectacular for those who are in Christ.

Want to Hear Three Minutes of Spectacular?

God bless