Saturday Night Live Sunk to a New Low

I can’t say I’m surprised, but Saturday Night Live sunk to a new low. I tuned into it for about five minutes recently and was disgusted. Saturday Night Live Sunk to a New Low

I’m not a fan of the show. In fact, I haven’t watched SNL for years. I started turning it off it after Dana Carvey left.

I understand that the writers want the show to be controversial. They want to get people talking about it the next day around the water cooler. I used to work in media. I get it. But, that show has taken crass humor to a new level. It’s not just SNL that crosses the line either.

Let me start by saying how this offensive episode even ended up on my screen. It was Saturday evening late. My husband and I were switching through the channels before getting ready for bed. On a whim, I tuned into SNL for the first time in many years.

Big mistake.



In their offensive skit, which was a take-off of the brainless “Bachelor” TV series, they had women lining up to be the guy’s love interest, just like in the real TV show. One of the candidates said something so offensive (a reference to incest with her father) that I felt like throwing up right then and there.

When did Sexual Molestation Become Fodder for Jokes?

I couldn’t turn the channel fast enough. And then I remembered that I saw a promo once for the old show, “The Royals.” That commercial also made a joking reference to incest. Apparently, this is becoming more commonplace.

That is sick, people.

SNL sunk to a new lowAnd yet, we’re supposed to listen to these celebrities when they dictate to us about how we’re to live our lives, how to vote, how to worship (if at all), and what we’re to tolerate and not tolerate.

No thanks.

I’m on a team already. I choose my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. That means when I find anything offensive I have the right to speak up or speak out against it.

Christians Do Have a Say

(1) We have the right to turn junk off in our homes. If your kiddos don’t like it, too bad. They’ll appreciate it someday. Why give those offensive TV shows the ratings? It just encourages the writers to get more and more offensive. If this is the kind of junk they’re joking about now on television, wait and see what happens next year.

(2) We have the right to get up and leave if we’re away from home and this kind of junk is on a TV screen in a store. We have the right to ask the managers of those businesses to turn the channel or station to family-friendly TV. All they can say is no. At least, we’re doing the right thing.

(3) We can write the sponsors of these shows. We can boycott a product or store that promotes anti-God or anti-family values. Why not?

Speak Up, Friends, Gently and Respectfully

I had to do that once at a hair salon. A loud song was playing in the background and the lyrics, which were degrading to women, were blaring in my ear. I asked the stylist to please change the station. She was happy to oblige.

rate of sexual crimesThe rate of sexual crimes in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Women and children (boys and girls) are being raped and, in some cases, murdered. It seems we’re just to laugh it off because the Hollywood machine says to make light of a tragic situation such as incest?

This world is not my home.

I am praying for America, and that Christians can turn back this awful direction our country is moving in. We can expect the anti-God people to shout us down. Let them. They need serious prayer. Sadly, if they don’t turn to God, they’re in for an eternity apart from Him. There is nothing worse. Our God is a just God. Why would we expect anything less?

If people can’t see this growing divide between darkness and light, they need to get their eyes checked and wake up to the grim reality that Satan is of this world.
The coming months are uncertain, but this I do know: Praise the Lord because the ultimate victory is ours.

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God bless!