Christian Music Playlist 2015

I call the list below my Christian Music Playlist 2015.

I’ve found that while listening to some of my favorite tunes during the day, I’m a lot more productive. Daily tasks just seem to go faster and I’m in a better frame of mind to do them. Laundry can get pretty boring, but if I have my ear buds in with some great music, I’m good.  🙂

Christian Music Playlist 2015

An iPod Full of Great Music

My iPod is a great mix of genres. I love Broadway, Country, Classic Rock, and some Rap. With the rock and rap music, I removed any songs from my iPod that might dishonor God. There wasn’t a lot, but there were some songs that were a little over the top. When I listened more closely to the lyrics and shallow values being promoted, those songs had to go.

We all have a choice and that’s what I chose to do. I feel I’m a lot better off because of it. There are Christian singers whose voices and lyrics are better than anything you can find on a Top 40 radio station. I don’t need Lady Gaga. Christian music has Beckah Shae, for instance.

Below are some YouTube versions to give you an idea of some of the music on my iPod. The quality may not be as good (some are live performances), but you get the idea.


Here’s Beckah Shae with “Heartbeat.”

I love great harmonies. High Road III is terrific. Here’s a sample:

I saw Selah perform live at our church and they were fantastic. Here’s “Soon and Very Soon.”

We attended a Toby Mac concert last year and it was among the best live performances I have ever seen.

Toby Mac in concert

I’ve seen Alison Krauss in concert several times. She has the voice of an angel.

Do you like to go to concerts too?

There’s a way to find out which Christian groups are performing in your area. Check out the website “Christian Concerts Alerts” and you can sign up for their email list.

God bless!


National Day of Prayer 2015

Here’s a friendly reminder that Thursday, May 7th, is the National Day of Prayer 2015.

It’s a day set aside to pray for America and for a spiritual revival in our country. Please take some time to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us for so many years and to pray for His intercession in the challenging times ahead.

God will hear us!

National day of Prayer 2015We don’t know His divine plan and timing, but we do know that He is sovereign and can change the hearts and minds of a nation if it is in His will. We need this in America.

The news gets more and more sad as certain liberal groups seek to cause division in our great country and turn us against each other. Think back. It wasn’t always this way.

Lord, Hear Our Cry

The theme of the National Day of Prayer 2015 is: “Lord, hear our cry” from the verse in 1 Kings 8:28: “Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is praying in your presence this day.”

Here’s a short preview from Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He’s this year’s Honorary Chairman for the Day of Prayer.

Options for Where to Pray on Thursday

1. In your own home, by yourself or with others. At work during your lunch break. With your family before going to bed.

2. Your local church may be a holding National Day of Prayer gathering.

3. You may also want to check out the National Day of Prayer website for more information. You can plug in your zip code to find out the location of prayer rallies and other observances in your area, by clicking here  National Day of Prayer Events

What to Pray For on Thursday, May 7th, 2015

1. Pray for healing in our nation in the midst of racial and social divides.

2. Pray that people will come to realize that there is one God who rules heaven and earth.

3. Pray for our nation’s leaders that they will open their eyes to God’s design for marriage.

4. Pray in Thanksgiving for God’s many blessings on you in the past and in the future.

5. Pray for peace across the world and in America.

God bless you for praying.

We need you!

In closing, here’s a great song from Gateway Worship, “As We Pray.”



Christian Music Challenge – The CMC

Do you Listen to Christian Music?

If not, I want to share something exciting with you.

Christian music is like an anchor during a storm. You can get back your peace and perspective despite the depressing headlines of the day. Just about everyone I talk to is ready to get a break from all of this junk going on in our world.

Listening to Christian MusicYou have a lot of options when you listen to music. Have you heard of the Christian Music Challenge developed by Al Menconi? Taking the Challenge opens up those doors for you. I’m talking about great Christian music, in all genres from pop to country to Christian rap. But, more about that later.

Shutting Out The Negative Values of This World

Our increasingly dark world will promote and glamorize anything that goes against our faith in Jesus Christ.

I can’t even turn on the television or read the news without negative headlines or news briefs changing my usually happy disposition to one of instant irritation.

depressing news headlinesThen there are the offensive plot lines that appear every night on television which are also glorified on movie screens across the country. Some parents deny that type of exposure can have a bad influence on their kids and sadly take their underage children to R-rated movies.

Does that make any sense at all? Why aren’t those parents taking the time to check out a movie before they take their kids to it?

There are enough websites out there to let us know if a movie has overtly sexual themes or is laced with obscenities.

I’ve made that mistake myself, although I didn’t have kids with me.

Recently, I started watching the movie “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon. I made the mistake of assuming this movie would be a lighthearted adventure.

Big mistake.

I should have, and will, from now on, check out a thorough movie review website first. Terrible language (including the mocking of Christ) was spewed in the movie, plus gratuitous and graphic nudity.

I turned it off about 15 minutes in, totally disgusted. What a terrible waste of time and money.

Here’s a helpful website that can help parents make better decisions about the movies they plan to take their kids to go see.

hollywood doesn't care about your familiesHollywood Doesn’t Care

Hollywood doesn’t care about your kids or your family. If you’re a parent, relative, or a babysitter, for goodness sake, be aware of what the kids are watching. Don’t be fooled into thinking a movie is okay because the actors promoting it had some safer-viewing movies in the past.

What’s really sad, is that type of “entertainment” (and I use the word loosely) is later honored at a glamorous award ceremony with celebrities applauding each other for making millions of dollars.

I guess this makes me “uncool” for saying this, and I’m fine with that.

I love people, but I love Jesus Christ more.

Discovering Christian Music

For me, learning about the Christian Music Challenge was like finding an anchor during a storm. I used to think that Christian music was just hymns and gospel. As beautiful as those genres are, it is comprised of so much more.

There are a lot of Christian rap artists I love to listen to – Toby Mac, for instance. I can listen to his music, crank it up, dance to it even, and not worry that I’m filling my head with the constant drilling-in of lyrics promoting hookups and violence.

Praise God for that!

We have options to offensive entertainment, we just have to take the time to seek it out. You can search youtube, Jesus Freak Hideout, New Release Tuesday, NoiseTrade, and – to name a few places to discover great Christian music.

Something just clicked when I took the Challenge.

These days, a Christian mindset is often ridiculed. For what? For wanting to protect children, for wanting to keep our own thoughts on things above?

Your Whole Family Can Commit to Joy

You and your family can rise above the negative, overtly sexual, and violent secular entertainment and instead have a heart and mind focused on finding peace in Jesus Christ.

Try the Christian Music Challenge for 30 days and you’ll see what I mean. A lot of Christian radio stations are embracing this challenge or a version of it.

I know 30 days of listening to Christian music may sound like a long time to tune out the regular Top 40, but it works.

It worked on me. When the headlines are getting me down, I turn on music that lifts me up and brings me back to joy. God is in control and nothing that’s happening today is without His knowledge.

Don’t worry: this is not about forever tuning out any other type of music. But, once you take the Challenge, you’ll find that your choices become more and more in line with a changed heart.

The real question to think about is: why would you want to waste your time with entertainment that’s against biblical values and may possibly undermine your relationship with the Lord?

don't undermine your relationship with the LordWe have a choice.

My iPod is filled with a lot of music…country, classic rock and so on. After taking the Challenge, time and time again I now turn to music choices from all genres that are uplifting and don’t dishonor God. I want my mind to be focused on things above, not jumbled and distracted.

I want my entertainment choices to enrich my life, not bring me down. I’d rather have my thoughts go somewhere like this, wouldn’t you?

Christian musicFrom now on, I’m focusing on making better choices.

Bring it on home, TobyMac!


The Stealing Of Innocence

The Stealing of Innocence

stealing of innocenceInnocence lost.

A glance at the headlines and there’s no question that our country is in a huge heap of trouble. It’s not like we didn’t know this was eventually coming to America, (Biblical prophesies always come true), it just grieves my soul to actually see it in my lifetime and know that some people still don’t think it concerns them.

Did you know there’s a primary school in Maine where the teacher is reading a book with a transgender storyline to 5 year olds?

Children, aged five.

Let that sink in. Please tell me this is just some sort of sick joke. So instead of focusing on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math skills, these innocent children are being bombarded with sexual information they have no business hearing about at this age. In at least one state, a parent can face jail time if they remove their young child from this “educational” lesson.

And this is in America.

Wake up, parents! Do you talk to your kids when they get home from school? Did you ask what they learned?

what kids are learning in schoolLeave the Children Alone

I was flipping channels recently and came across a reality show with a well-known family shouting obscenities at each other in front of their young children.

That’s considered okay? Not any kind of people I would ever want to be around.

I want to ask those celebrity parents, if you want to call them that, a question. Is the money you’re making for acting that way really worth the terrible lesson of disrespect that you’re teaching your children?

This is all just a part of the stealing of innocence of the next generation.

It’s sad how quickly some people will sell out for their 15 minutes of fame…at any cost.

protecting our childrenDevastating Statistics

Sexual trafficking is on the rise in the United States.

Young, innocent girls and boys are stolen from the homes they once knew and forced to become prostitutes. I’m sure you heard about evidence of this at the Super Bowl.

There are demonic forces behind all of it.

There’s another article out about an assistant professor at a New Jersey university who claimed pedophilia is not criminal behavior.

I have no words. Shaking my head in disbelief.

This is out of control.

Let’s not forget about the abortion holocaust, the killing of millions of babies in the womb. Some political candidates proudly hawk their pro-abortion stance, meaning they support the cold-blooded murder of millions of unborn children.

To them I say, “they’re babies, NOT a clump of cells. ”

It seems the pro-abortion supporters believe that every life is expendable, of course, except their own. They believe they have the right to deny a life story to someone else…and many people are just letting this happen without speaking out against it.

let kids be kidsI’m so disgusted with all of this it makes me break down in tears.

The new “tolerance crowd” continues to berate Christians on TV and in social media. I see it every day.

Interesting that the “tolerance crowd” will name-call and throw out obscenities right and left, but a television show that shows a family saying grace before a meal is ridiculed.

We should all be able to freely speak God’s truths in love in our free country. And yet, the attacks continue and now a very aggressive group wants the government to shut down all Christian churches.

I Cry for the Next Generation

The more Christians who cower from speaking up for God’s truth in love, the more this sinister garbage takes hold in the American landscape and it becomes closer to mainstream and/or acceptable.

I saw a promo recently for the offensive new television show, “The Royals.” I guess this show is supposed to be funny? The promo showed one of the main characters gleefully saying to another character: “Who fondled you as a child?”

If someone is laughing at that, seriously, they need to seek help.

Slipping those references into mainstream television, under the guise of humor, can eventually make people numb to it.

Some People Say, “But it doesn’t affect me.”

It will, if it hasn’t already.

For some ludicrous reason, if something is Hollywood-produced, the actors figure they can play a perverted role because they’re “just acting,” right? Follow the money with no conscience. I find it sad that there aren’t more Christian actors and producers in Hollywood.

You ask little girls what they want to be when they grow up (and I have) and many want to become reality TV stars.

What happened to becoming a doctor? A scientist? A pro-athlete? A stay at home mom?

Don’t Just Let This Happen

If you turn away from Christ, you’re opening yourself up to the mass of delusions that are continuing to seep into this world.

“Those who do not stand for something will fall for anything.”
J. Vernon McGee

The new “tolerance crowd” want to berate and bully you into shutting up for good. If you decide not to buy from a certain store because the company supports liberal causes you don’t believe in, you’re mocked and belittled for your boycott. I’ve read the nasty and vile comments directed towards good moms who simply care about their families and what their children are exposed to. Really sad that someone would take to social media just to curse out a mother protecting her children.

I applaud these moms and dads for every petition they initiate to bring about positive change in media. I used to work in media and I’ve seen a lot, but I’m aghast at what is being dished out on a daily basis in our electronic-obsessed nation.

Misinterpretations of the Verse, “Do Not Judge”

The new “tolerance crowd” like to throw out a biblical verse “Do not judge” every chance they get without even understanding what it means. Sadly, even some pastors deny the authority of Scripture and will not preach about sin and forgiveness.

They want us to leave Jesus out of it.

Interesting the double standard. We’re bombarded by harmful ideologies and yet the “tolerance crowd” demands we should not be able to express our faith, wear a cross, or share an inspirational verse from the Bible.


Simply that, NO.

We can speak out, we can sign petitions, and we can profess our faith if an opportunity presents itself.

“Do not judge” actually means do not condemn another person to hell. We are not God, but we do know His truths as outlined in Scripture.

None of us truly know what is in another person’s heart when their time comes. Only God knows. Everyone has the gift of grace and salvation through Christ Jesus. That’s why we should be able to peacefully talk about Him if an opportunity arises.

We’re All Sinners

If your child is about to touch a hot stove, you warn him or her, right?

The “tolerance crowd” will accuse you of being a bully for saying the popular “anything goes” mentality is harmful – like getting drunk, having an affair, cursing God, having multiple wives, etc. And many (not all) television shows and movies glamorize bad behavior. Unfortunately, that will never change.

Liberals will twist Scripture verses to fit their causes. I find that interesting since many claim they don’t believe in God. Or, they’ll produce viral videos to circulate about how bad and unloving Christians are. I want to ask those video producers – have you read the headlines or are you just ignoring them?

We’re not the haters we’re portrayed to be. We’re commanded to love others, even our enemies, but we’re not to condone sin and/or bad behavior. Calling out sinful behavior is not judging, but simply exposing their sin as God’s Word defines it.

“Do not judge” means do not condemn them to hell. It is not your place. Only God can judge the eternal soul.

Christians – Prepare for What’s Coming

Everything in America that we once held dear is under attack, including the institution of marriage.

AmericaYou must be prepared to peacefully give the reason for your faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus warned us in the Bible that the world would hate us because it first hated Him.

If someone calls you one of those labels the tolerant crowd likes to shame you with like:

“You’re a hater. Close-minded bigot! You’re intolerant.”

Ask them WHY they’re calling you that. What is their definition of intolerance and hate? Aren’t they doing the same thing they’re accusing you of?

Their attacks are hypocritical.

You’re standing up for God’s design for marriage between a man and a woman.

Ask them who is really being intolerant. Who is doing the hating here? We can’t live peacefully and have respectful debates. The anti-God folk want mind control and they’re starting with our nation’s children.

Respectful Discussions, But Don’t Back Down

I get frustrated with believers (and especially pastors) who back down and cower to society to blend in.

Good grief – do they know what they’re doing?

This is ultimately a battle between Good and Evil and we’re watching it played out right in front of our eyes.

whats in the heart

We Can’t Hide Our Heads In The Sand

I knew that once the Constitution and the institution of marriage were attacked, every perversion-promoting group is standing in line for their so-called rights.

And they are.

I ask you. Which group is next in line?

I know, do you?

*Please pray for our country. God is in control, but His Word tells us that judgment is coming.

*Please vote in the elections. No political candidate is perfect, but please vote for the ones who most closely represent the Judeo-Christian values our great country was founded upon.

*Please get involved in your child’s school so you can have a better grasp on what is taught. Bullying is wrong. So is bullying against Christians. There’s a double standard going on here that is deliberate. You can’t wear a cross around your neck or pray in some schools, but you can ask a member of the same sex to a prom. Is that fair? No, it’s not.

The new tolerance? It’s a double standard and many parents don’t even care. This liberal agenda has been going on in elementary, middle schools, high schools, and universities for quite some time.

I highly recommend David Kupelian’s book, “The Marketing of Evil,” if you want to read for yourself. He has a book full of research and quotes from the liberal left and the plans they have to change the very moral compass of this country. We’re living in a time where God’s standards of evil are called good, and anything good is considered evil.

The stealing of innocence

Hope and Pray

Please remember that God is in control. Don’t let this darkness steal your joy. This world is not final. As much as the sickening headlines and agendas are crammed down our throats by politicians and Hollywood producers every day, we still have a God who sits on a heavenly throne. No one can change that. We can pray for His mercy and that the eyes of the leaders of this country will be opened to the self-destructive behaviors that are celebrated and destroying families.

Please pray for a spiritual revival in our country. It can happen if we pray and God has mercy on us. It happened in Nineveh and it can happen again.

God sees absolutely everything that is going on. God is more powerful than any movement, agenda, lobby, political leader, CEO, Hollywood producer – any of them. One day, all of us will come to judgment.

Would you defend your faith in God if asked? It could come to that here and, possibly, under persecution. It is happening all around the world. Christians are dying in other countries and some folks here think it ultimately does not affect them.

This is all crossing a spiritual boundary and only God can bring us His peace and restoration.

I pray you will be strong and courageous during these dangerous times.


Will God Forgive Me If

Will God Forgive Me If I …

Will God forgive me ifHad an abortion?

Divorced for non-biblical reasons?

Committed adultery?

Skipped church?

Broke a promise?

These questions are from real people searching on the internet.

They’re searching for guidance about an issue in their life that is weighing on their very souls.

God bless them for recognizing their need for answers about important questions in the Christian faith.

First, some important facts for everyone to remember:

  • We’re all sinners and we will all continue to be. We’re human beings, not God, so there’s no getting around our sinful nature.
  • Will God forgive me if ____________ (insert your concern.) Our loving Father does forgive if we sincerely seek His repentance. And, our infallible God is smart enough to know the difference between a sincere apology and a fake one.

How do we ask for forgiveness?

Talk to God. Pray about it and, if you feel comfortable, find a Christian friend or family member and ask them to pray about it with you.

Heavenly Father, I believe I have messed up.

I’m asking for Your forgiveness and

also Your guidance about this situation.

I’m listening, Lord, and I’m opening my heart

to your eternal wisdom. Please give me strength

and patience as I seek your Will for my life.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

* In Isaiah 1:18-20, KJV, the Bible tells us:

18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

 19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:  20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

 Lord, Thank You For Your Grace

In my humble opinion, the word “grace” is one of the most beautiful and meaningful words in the English language. It is through His grace alone that we have salvation.  We are forgiven from our sins through Jesus Christ, but we must believe in Him and repent when we sin.

I hope this is helpful to anyone reading this post who has a question like the ones above.

God alone, makes all things new.

God makes all things new

* In 1 John 1:9, Scripture tells us:

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


* All Scripture verses are from: the King James Version (KJV), public domain.

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